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Non-Smoking Hotels

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

A housekeeper cleans a Bryant AR hotel room When someone smokes in a non-smoking hotel room, a deep cleaning is required before the room can be re-rented.

A majority of hotels have made the move to become non-smoking over the past decade. Other than designated smoking areas outdoors, hotel guests are not allowed to light up inside their rooms. Should they do it anyway, they often face stiff penalties from the hotel chain, who will likely charge a hefty cleaning fee to get the smell out of not just the room, but the HVAC system. This fine can range from $100-$500.

Depending on the strength of the smoke smell, a variety of techniques are used to remove the tobacco smell from a hotel room. The room is basically stripped, then the walls and ceilings are washed. If the room has carpet, it is shampooed. Curtains and drapes are dry cleaned and lampshades are replaced. It's a time-involved effort that costs the hotel revenue since that room has to be taken out of available inventory to be scrubbed clean.

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs are well-versed in smoke odor and how to remove it. Do you run a hotel and have a problem making the smell stay away? Give us a call at 501-776-2222, and we'd be happy to assist you. We're fast and efficient and can help you flip that hotel room quickly so it is ready for the next guest.

We're always here to help.

Cleaning for Saline County, AR Real Estate Listings

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

House keys changing hands in Saline County, AR Homebuyers know within seconds if a home is right for them.

Real estate professionals, we can help you!  If your listing isn't where it needs to be, you'd be surprised what a good cleaning will do.   The real estate market is sizzling hot right now, but if your listing isn't up to its full potential, buyers will quickly move on to the next one.  It's true -- buyers know within 10 seconds whether or not they're interested in a listing!  If your listing features stained carpets and dingy windows, a potential buyer only sees it as more money for them to spend and more projects for them to do.  "Move-in ready" needs to actually be move-in ready. 

Let us help you with that.  SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs work with real estate agents to help their listings shine.  We clean carpets, windows, high-touch surfaces, walls, ceilings, and appliances.  Give us a call today at 501-776-2222 and we can discuss your needs and tailor a make-ready cleaning package that will make your listing stand out, and since the market is so hot, listings frequently sell above list, which could even mean more money in your pocket!

Take your real estate listings to the next level with a make-ready clean by SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs.  We're always here to help.

Bring Your Workers Back to a Clean Office in Bryant, AR!

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

A woman types on a keyboard in Bryant, AR Let us help get your office sparkling clean before the workers come back full-time!

When the coronavirus pandemic struck in early 2020, a large number of companies transitioned their employees into remote workers, allowing them to work from home instead of commuting into the office and possibly catching the virus. As time went on, some employers made working from home a permanent option. Others brought their employees back on a limited schedule, allowing them to work from home for the majority of the time.

Things have changed a lot in a year. The coronavirus vaccine is more readily available, and the case numbers have rapidly dropped in some areas. This leaves employers with a decision: Where do we go from here? Many offices are opting to have their employees return to the office full-time. There have been numerous reports about workers experiencing anxiety over a return to the workplace. They've gotten used to their new schedule, and it's hard to go back to the daily grind. The office wants them back, but is the office ready for employees to return?

Are there some things about your office that needed to be done, but the pandemic pushed it back? You never got around to getting that coffee stain out of the carpet? Don't bring employees back to the same old office they left a year ago. Clean it up and make it nice and welcoming.

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs are always here to help! We offer a variety of commercial services, including carpet cleaning. Let us get your office sparkling top-to-bottom to welcome back those who may be a bit apprehensive. It's a fresh start for everyone. Give us a call at 501-776-2222 today, and we'd be happy to discuss what kinds of services would be a good fit to get your workspace back into top shape before the workers return!

Carpet Cleaning Services for Your Hot Springs, AR Church

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

View of empty church pews from a pulpit in Hot Springs, AR Let us make your church sparking clean before your next sermon!

Your church is your home away from home.  It should always look its best in order to inspire your congregation to come together.  While flooring types are different from church to church, many of them are carpeted.  This inspires a sense of closeness within the church community.  After a while, it can also look a bit worn-down from heavy foot traffic.  This is especially true in churches that offer Sunday School services and have a nursery for infants. 

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs are always here to help!  We offer commercial carpet cleaning for churches so they'll be shiny and ready to go on Sunday morning.  We're experienced in cleaning churches large and small.  We'll make those carpet blemishes look "Like they never even happened."

We do more than just carpets, too!   From the offices to the pulpit and the pews in between, give us a call today at 501-776-2222 to discuss your cleaning needs.

A Business Emergency

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded room in a business An after-hours sprinkler malfunction flooded this business

There’s never a good time for an emergency.  It seems like something catastrophic happens at the most inopportune time.  When a business goes offline, both time and revenue are lost.  That hurts the bottom line.  So what do you do?

You could call around, hoping you’re able to find someone to help, or you could call the pros at SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs.  We’re available 24/7, and are just a phone call away at 501-776-2222. 

Should your business experience water damage throughout your worksite, SERVPRO of Saline County is here to help.  This recently happened to a new commercial business in Bryant, AR.  They suffered excessive water damage when the sprinkler system failed.  SERVPRO of Saline County was fast to the scene, working through the night to get the water removed.  This allowed the company to get back to work preparing for their opening date.

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs can fix water or fire damage to your business, as well as provide commercial cleaning services.  We’re always here to help.  Give us a call today at 501-776-2222 and we’ll make it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Cleaning for Your Bryant, AR Restaurant

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

A cook cleans his workstation. Cleanliness is essential in commercial kitchens.

Restaurants are big business in Saline County, AR. From mom and pop diners to national chains, restaurants dot the landscape. You know the food is good, but what's it like in the kitchen? How strictly does each restaurant follow its cleaning protocols? The answer could surprise you.

Restaurants should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule. A commercial kitchen could become a fire hazard if grease is not removed from the kitchen. Exhaust fans help move the airborne grease from the kitchen, and if the fans are not cleaned regularly, it poses a serious fire hazard. A clean and sanitized kitchen also reduces the spread of disease among kitchen staff, leading to fewer sick days and call-outs.

The Arkansas State Board of Health publishes a 145-page book of rules and regulations regarding food establishments in Arkansas. Lengthy chapters are devoted to the frequency of cleaning supplies and equipment used in Arkansas restaurants. In a perfect world, all rules and regulations would be followed exactly to the letter, but realistically, it doesn't always happen. Restaurants get busy and the workers mean to “get to it later,” and some of the deep-cleaning simply does not happen. Should the restaurant have a surprise inspection from the state, the restaurant could be fined or even shut down until the problems are corrected. Don't let that happen to your restaurant!

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs are ready to deep clean and sanitize your commercial kitchen to promote a safer, healthier work environment. Give us a call today at 501-776-2222. We'll make the mess “Like it never even happened.”

We're always here to help.

How Long Before Water Damage Leads to Mold?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Mold on walls and ceilings Water damage leads to mold, it is not if, but when.

Mold can start to grow within just 24 to 48 hours after water damage.

Building owners and facilities managers should arrange for mitigation as soon as possible after a flood, pipe burst or leak occurs at a structure in Perryville, AR. Find out more about mold prevention measures for commercial properties.

The First 24 Hours
As soon as signs of damage become apparent, an owner or manager should try to limit the extent of primary damage and the risk of secondary damage. He or she should immediately take the following steps:

  • Contact a mitigation and restoration company
  • Limit damage in any way possible
  • Arrange for an inspection

A damage mitigation service should respond to a call within an hour and arrive on site within several hours. Experts should assess the extent of damage during this visit and recommend mitigation strategies.

24 to 48 Hours
A mitigation company should take measures to reduce the likelihood of mold growth within one to two days after water damage. Experts may recommend any of the following procedures:

  • Pumping out standing water
  • Tearing out damaged building materials
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the area
  • Promoting drying

It will be necessary for the affected area to dry completely before restoration begins. Air movers or fans can increase ventilation and dehumidifiers can draw moisture out of the air and any porous materials.

48 to 72 Hours
Preventative measures are still necessary even after standing water from a pipe burst, flood or leak has been extracted. Owners or managers should maintain indoor relative humidity levels between 30 to 50 percent to prevent mold formation.

Damage mitigation and mold prevention measures are critical within the hours and days following water damage. If a flood or leak occurs at a building in Perryville, AR a commercial damage mitigation and restoration company can help owners and managers stop mold growth before it starts.

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been called upon to help protect many businesses clean, disinfect, and sanitize their facilities.  These businesses, such as factories, restaurants, banks, and offices to name a few, are doing their absolute best to protect their employees and customers.  And even during a pandemic we are “here to help.”  We offer various types of cleaning and disinfecting including proactive cleaning to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Our team is using ULV fogging machines to distribute CDC-approved disinfectant.  We then allow the recommended dwell time of 10 minutes before following up with a thorough wipe down of all high touch areas. 

So, if your Benton or Hot Springs and surrounding areas business is in need of cleaning or disinfecting, give us a call at 501-776-2222. 

Commercial Cleaning

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs is ready to help our commercial community with all their needs. Commercial clients we have been able to help in the past include: Multi family properties, restaurants and food service, convenience stores, automotive dealerships, office buildings, fitness centers / gyms, hotels, manufacturing facilities, schools, medical facilities such as rehab centers and many others. Services we have been able to provide include things such as general cleaning, deep cleaning kitchens, carpet cleaning, cleanup and mitigation services after a water or fire loss, mold mitigation, bio hazard cleaning, and power washing, just to name a few. The bottom line is that we stand ready 24/7, 365 to take care of your needs. Do not hesitate to call us at 501-776-2222 for anything at all. Being ready for our commercial community needs during an emergency is also a priority for us. Ask us about our ERP, (Emergency Ready Profile), designed specifically for our commercial community members.

Don't Let A Disaster Ruin Your Big Day

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

People spend months and sometimes years planning large events such as weddings, reunions, and graduation.  These events can be quite expensive as well. There is the event venue, flowers, catering, and tons of other factors that make it special and Disasters like a busted water heater, toilet overflow or sewage backup can ruin your big day. But it does not have to, because SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO of Hot Springs can help. We have emergency services that can respond quickly and extract any water.  Our highly trained technicians can assess the damage and begin the drying process to get the venue back to preloss conditions so you can enjoy your special occasion. So if your commercial property suffers from a disaster, give us a call at 501-776-2222.

Emergency Ready Program

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

According to the latest industry research, as many as 50% of businesses do not recover following a disaster due to the lack of preparedness for a water or fire loss.  Creating a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile or “ERP” is the first step you can take to make sure your business makes a full recovery after a natural or man-made disaster.

What is an Emergency READY Profile?

An ERP is a start-up approach that provides SERVPRO with the critical information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services. It is designed to serve as a quick reference of important building and contact information.

What are the advantages of creating an ERP?

  • A no cost assessment of your facility.
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO or Hot Springs as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Call SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO or Hot Springs to get started!

Emergency Ready Program

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Is your business prepared for a disaster?  Do all of your employees know where the water cut off switch is?  Do they know where the fire extinguisher is?  Or, do they know where the gas shut off is located?  

According to the latest industry research, as many as 50 percent of businesses never recover from a disaster.  Among the 50 percent that survive, are those that had a plan in place.  Preparedness is the key to surviving a fire, flood, or water damage.  

SERVPRO has developed a program to help commercial properties put a plan in place.  That program is called the EMERGENCY READY PROGRAM.  This program is compiled into a simple app that each and every employee can install to their smartphone.  The app has information about priority areas and numbers as well as locations and photos of shut off valves.  Did I mention that this is a FREE PROGRAM?  Our SERVPRO team will come out and input all information for you and your business.  


We don't do just fire and water damage, we clean too!

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is known as a "Fire and Water-Cleanup and Restoration" service.  Therefore, many hear that and think, okay that's all they do, fire and water.  But, GUESS WHAT?!  We are also a highly trained cleaning company, as well!  SERVPRO has a huge array of cleaning supplies and deodorizers.  We are prepared for large commercial cleanups, as well as small residential deep clean.  

Below is a list of our cleaning services.

  • Air Ducts and HVAC
  • Biohazard
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Ceiling, Floors, and Walls
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Odor Removal
  • Sewage and Toilet Overflow
  • Trauma and Crime Scene
  • Commercial Cleaning Services 

If you have need a quote on any of our cleaning services, big or small, give SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO or Hot Springs a call at 501-776-2222

Ready for Any Size Disaster

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Saline County and SERVPRO or Hot Springs is geared and ready to go with highly trained technicians.  No matter the size of the disaster, we are ready.  

We are prepared for commercial cleaning, water loss, or fire.  We have experience in cleaning air ducts and HVAC units in buildings as large as 30,000 square feet.  We have also handled a commercial kitchen cleaning and a water loss within a multi unit home.  

We have experience within apartment complexes that include mold remediation, deodorization, water mitigation and dehumidification, and fire damage and remediation.  We also do routine carpet cleanings as well as air duct and HVAC cleaning.  

So, if you have a commercial property and want a quote on carpet cleaning or any of our other services, give us a call at 501-776-2222.